Master The Flat! Champion The Lower Elevation While Still Looking Stylish

Thursday, July 31, 2014 Admin

Victoria Beckham stated it best: "I can't concentrate in flats", while we definitely are on the same frequency as Mrs. Beckham, we also have to respectfully disagree with Posh for the sake of giving our tired dogs some rest this season. Heels are a vice of choice and a basic in every girl's closet, but pertaining to function and comfort, every once in a while heels are not exactly suitable. This fact only being highlighted by common Summer activities. And another thing all heel-loving girls are aware of, 8 hours in heels = achy feet. For a comfortable break, a lower elevation should be sought after. Flats are a shoe style that is often snubbed by heel connoisseurs everywhere since it does not necessarily contain the same universal sex appeal as that of heels. But in fact, flats can prove to be a worthy investment to step up your footwear game with. From a girls night out to spending a day in the office, flats can literally be worn to just about everything, much like heels. Don;t believe us? Scroll on further to see how these stylish girls master the flat and get down by being lower to the ground! 

1. Maxi skirts do not necessarily require shoes with height in order to be pulled off, flat sandals work just the same;
2. Giovanna Battaglia paired a pair of sleek oxfords with her business casual attire for an unsuspected yet polished twist. A perfect example of how flats can be worn to a formal event and not feel out of place;
3. Who ever said espadrilles can't chic?
4. Owning the downtown cool monochromatic look with the popular slide-on sneakers;
5. Karolina Kurkova's all-white crisp outfit is a good example of how to pull off wearing any kind of flats to the office. We like her choice of flats since they provide contrast to the singular-hued palette;
6. Can Olivia Palermo ever do wrong? Printed blouse, pleated mini + ballet flats = a heavenly combo;
7. They may be Birkenstocks, but this just might be the only way possible to actually wear them to work;
8. We bookmarked this ultimate stylish weekend look, tall gladiator sandals, denim and basics;
9. Strappy sandals are all the rage this season, and we definitely fancy this look a la model off-duty;
10. A perfect example of a functional transition outfit. The entire look works perfectly for during the day and can shift right into nighttime without any revisions;
11. Denim shorts are not destined to be worn with flip flops alone;
12. Kate Moss' outfit is a great balance of casual mixed with a formal hint. She played up her jeans by pairing it with a structured blazer, yet kept the relaxed vibe going by choosing flats instead of heels. This is a great look for an afternoon yacht party;
13. Anja Rubik is known for her edgy cool girl style. Opting for sexy heels would have been totally expected with her rocker glam outfit, instead she opted for regular ballet flats which is what makes this look.

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The Glossover: Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer

Thursday, July 31, 2014 Admin

Scoring a sunkissed look is quite easy for me as long as it does not involve my legs, everything else tans beautifully except for the good ole stems. Pale would not even be an accurate term to describe the epic shade of whatever it is that's going on here, see-through, neon white, may just be apt enough. A few years ago my legs completely seized to develop any sort of color and has since repelled every effort of tanning that I throw at it. For whatever reason, I have no clue. Besides that it is truly annoying, it can also very much be debilitating to your confidence and makes one very aware with even so much as wearing cropped jeans where not much real estate is showing that still everyone sees it, and still everyone needs to point out the obvious. Since tanning beds were not an option, I looked into the self-bronzing phenom but decided against that as well since it is not totally "for dummies". Plus, I'd be too paranoid that it would leave marks on clothing or on chairs, etc. I was looking for something completely foolproof and that is how I found the Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer (in fair to medium). A simple body lotion that gradually creates natural-looking color over time. A body lotion? Now that I can do.

First off, this is no miracle product and it will definitely not give you that Victoria's Secret angel bronzed look which I knew going into it. Typically, as is with most traditional Jergens lotions, all other moisturizer proprieties are in place, however the "self tanning" portion is something to wonder about. It literally takes forever to build up any form of color, even when I use this every single night after my shower and give it about 5-10 minutes to absorb before getting dressed. After a month since first use, the below side-by-side hints how color has "improved". It's a veil, but that's about it. I think what Jergens really meant to say was "glacial paced" as opposed to "gradual". The product does say that when wanting to intensify the color to apply more than once a day, this is not really a viable solution for those who don't have the time so once-a-day application is where it will remain for me. 

Everything else I love though, let that be said. For me it does moisturize very well, it absorbs rather quickly, leaves my skin feeling very soft, and applies real nicely without leaving any residue or being greasy. Above all, I don't mind the smell as much as everybody else does, it has improved since the original formula yet others continue to make noise about it. It's really not that bad. 

All-in-all, even though results were sub-par, I will give Jergens the benefit of the doubt and try their medium-to-tan shade next. As is with most products, each is different to an individual user so I have to try the next shade to see if I can achieve any better color result. If not, then feel free to leave me any gradual self tanning lotions suggestions in the comments and I'd be happy to check them out.

Either that or all hope really is lost and my legs even repel tanning lotions at this point ... 

Rating: 2/5

See How Our Travel Editor Packs A Functional Beach Bag

Thursday, July 31, 2014 Admin

Take the guesswork out of how to pack a functional beach bag by scrolling further to see how our in-house city girl preps for a day in the sand! 

I have learned a long time ago that women have a natural tendency to pack everything under the sun for the "just-in-case" factor, things are being stowed into the depth of some beach tote somewhere right now and will never see the light of day, again. When I first started traveling I performed the exact same task, packing as much as out of fear of not having something when I need it. All this overpacking has ever caused were sore shoulders. So, over the years I have developed a simplified routine consisting of what I would truly use of the course of a day or being away for some period of time. 

Typically for a beach day I really bring bare bones essentials only, as you can see above this the exact content of my tote for that day. As usual, I use my trusted canvas tote by Roxy which has been with me for MANY years, she's a tough old cookie and she works! Let's get to it, shall we?

Losing hair ties is the bane of my existence, and every time I've ever needed them was the exact time where I lost them somewhere. In order to not lose my hair ties I take some of the smaller items that I would not immediately use and wrap them up using the hair ties. This way they don't get lost. The remainder of the smaller items are things I tentatively do reach for quite often over the course of a day, so I keep those separate for easy access.

If, and this is only if, I am not the driver I leave behind my wallet period. Sometimes I even forgo bringing an ID of the sort because I've never had to whip out my license when attending the beach. But, every girl needs to have some kind of cash on her, so I will take what I need and fold it into a small square and then lock it inside the compact mirror. This way I don't have to stress over it getting lost, or someone lurking for a wallet;

Once I bundle everything up, I start to strategically stow all items away. Starting with the small zip pocket where I stash the smaller items. Thank goodness for bags with multiple pockets. Once we get to the bigger sized items I will always start with the magazine since it sits flat and I can stash atop of it. Neatly rolling up the beach towel I place that on top of the magazine, with following next a regular book. Then lastly I take the sunscreen and after-sun care. Voila, done! The tote has everything I need and feels lightweight for comfortable carrying around town! 

-Images: by
The Fashionlish
© All rights reserved

Cara Delevingne's Topshop Fall Campaign Has Arrived

Thursday, July 31, 2014 Admin

After the initial announcement about the Topshop and Cara partnership for a series of Fall campaign images made by Vogue UK, the news has now been certainly confirmed with the full campaign now in tow. First unveiled on Instagram when Cara posted a few preview images, the full campaign came within a matter of hours afterwards. Cara models an array of glamorous outfits that range from casual daytime, and Cara-like, ensembles to structured formal nighttime looks. 

Officially becoming the new face of high street Topshop, the latter currently is what solidifies this year as Cara's ultimate status as an It-model following a long list of now-running big hit campaigns that include Mulberry, Chanel, Balmain and much more.

-Images: via
Fashion Gone Rogue

Olivier Rousteing Doesn't Mind This Fast Retailer Copying Him

Thursday, July 31, 2014 Admin

For as long as designer fashions have been around, so has the concept of knockoffs. The bane of many a designer existence, the knockoff industry has long been at fault for fashion houses suffering major financial losses due to fake lower-priced versions and cheap imitations running the market rampant. Which range anywhere from popular it-bags to apparel and even small accessories. Let's just say for the record, nothing is off-limits. It is par for the course for most, if not all, fashion designers that besides the knockoff challenge, there is also the challenge of lower-priced and fast fashion retailers to draw "inspiration" from a designer's hottest selling items. For instance, we recently spotted a real good yet fake interpretation of the Celine luggage tote pop up on a website that often sells cheaper imitations of current honcho merchandise. We won't throw around any names right now, but the Celine imitation drew a very blurred line of what exactly is "inspiration", and what is considered knockoff. The only difference between the original and the fake was the label.

While many designers curse the existence of the knockoff and "inspiration" concept, in a surprising twist there is actually one designer that fronts a major fashion luxury house that can have a good laugh about it, and is one who actually claims to "love" when others copy his designs. Yeah, we were puzzled for a second, too. 

Balmain's creative director, Olivier Rousteing recently told in an interview with Vogue UK that he is not so opposed to fast fashion retailers dressing their windows up with designs that mimic his:

"I love seeing a Zara window with my clothes mixed with Céline and Proenza [Schouler]! I think that's genius. It's even better than what I do. I love the styling, I love the story ... I watch the windows always, and it's genius what they do today. They go fast, they have a great sense of styling and how to pick what they have to pick up from designers. I'm really happy that Balmain is copied - when I did my Miami collection and we did the black and white checks, I knew they would be in Zara and H&M. But they did it in a clever way - they mixed a Céline shape with my Balmain print! Well done! I love that." 

Okay, so ... we had to reread this a dozen times to see where the paragraph would differentiate between sarcasm or downright, real enthusiasm. Now, if it was Rousteing being a complete and total smart-ass, that would be pretty amazing. Although we're starting to get the hunch that the designer is really applauding these retailers for taking cues from his runway collections. And we can see why he'd rather embrace it than fight it since the legal combatants to fight this concept in court takes a lot more than it's worth in the end. For either party.

We kind of admire Rousteing's approach to this all-too familiar annoyance within the same industry both operate from, albeit on completely different levels. We want to know from you if Rousteing is really being sincere or if his interview had double meaning, discuss!

How To Dress Up Your Maxi Skirt This Summer

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 Admin

Maxi skirts are the equivalent to apparel as what flats are to the footwear category, a pool of untapped potential. Women tend to neglect certain hem lengths and heel heights because they don't see how one is supposed to pull it off. Actually, how simple flats can be to master, so is the maxi skirt. From daytime to nighttime and perfect as a transitional item going from one time of the day into the next, here are a few easy examples of how you can rock the statement maxi this Summer

For a casual vibe, wear a solid tone maxi skirt with a simple basic sleeveless tank and a denim vest for a look that can go anywhere; 1. H&M vest2. Topshop tank3. Zara skirt;

Transition from day into night by simply pairing neutral tones together. Since the maxi has a flowing hem often associated with pure casual, opt for the topper to be more structured; 1. Equipment shirt2. H&M maxi skirt;

Didn't think a maxi was possible for the office? Think again! The key to getting away with something as relaxed as a maxi is by choosing for a formal color, like black, then layer a structured blazer over it. Voila, casual chic done right! 1. Lanvin blazer2. The Row camisole3. Topshop maxi skirt

Maxi's are not just for daytime or casual functions, the longer hem length proves it can be a sexy counterpart for nighttime events as well. The best way to wear a maxi for night is by opting for a skirt that has a high thigh slit, because showing some strategic leg is always alluring. Then opt for a form-fitting top that accentuates your natural curves, or for this part you could even opt for a crop top, which is what we went with; 1. Saint Laurent jacket2. 3x1 crop top, 3. Helmut Lang maxi skirt

-Images: via

10 Bridal Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 Admin

The devil is in the details, especially when it comes to your big day. While the right gown plays a crucial role, your hair is of utmost importance, equally as pivotal is your makeup. Mainly because when walking down the aisle, all eyes will be on you - plus, pictures are forever, you can't take those back. To avoid making common bridal makeup mistakes that will scar you for life once the photo album comes back, and also to look your most perfection on the actual day, these are the 10 things to avoid when deciding on your big day look! 

1. Not wearing waterproof formulas:
Girl, you're gonna cry! Make sure your mascara and everything else can hold up to the induced flow of tears when saying your "I Do"; 

2. Don't think outside the box:
The KISS principle should be invoked on your big day, now is not the time to experiment with a brand new look. If you've never worn a bold lip before, now is not the time. If you've never worn a smokey eye before, now is not the time. The whole point of your wedding day is to keep your look simple and letting the glow from within beam on the outside. Just accentuate and enhance to mimic a slightly better version of yourself, don't go overboard because of the occasion; 

3. Skimping on products:
Granted, makeup should remain lightweight but don't make the mistake of skimping on products either. Like face primer, concealer or setting powder and more of the sort. You need to keep your face in place all day long without dripping down your chin, and no bride likes dark circles. Moral of the story, don't forgo on your otherwise daily trusted go-to's; 

4. Withhold from overdosing:
To embellish on the above paragraph, another major mistake is overdosing on products. Girls tend to think that the more makeup is on their face, the better it will show in photographs. Wrong. You will end up looking like a creature that's been hiding under a rock for decades both in real life and in photos. Keep foundation sheer and light, don't overkill the highlighter, don't clown-ify your cheeks with blush, and the list keeps going; 

5. Play up one area only:
Rule number one of makeup in general, only play up one feature of your face. When opting for a sultry smokey eye, keep your lips a soft nude. And vice versa. Playing up all features will lead to a very unbalanced and harsh look; 

6. Skip the spray tan the day before:
For the most natural finish get your spray tan a month prior to the big day. No girl wants to look like a Oompa Loompa in their pretty white dress; 

7. Also, don't pluck the day of:
Groomed brows are a necessity of life, regardless what the day or event is. Deter yourself from plucking, waxing, doing a DIY face mask the day of to avoid some kind of reaction, redness and whatnot. Always give yourself a few days time before to get your primping done so your face is safe from any unflattering anomalies; 

8. Hire a professional:
Please don't let your friend "who is good with makeup" be in charge of your wedding makeup. Some things are just better left to the pros if you have the budget for it; 

9. Avoid a theme:
You will stand out from your bridesmaids because of the dress alone, and so should your makeup. All the focus should be on you so whatever makeup look you're going for should be different from your bridesmaids, avoid a theme; 

10. Pack an emergency kit: 
Unless you have a professional makeup artist on standby for the entire day, it's best to pack an emergency kit for the just-in-case factor. It's going to be a long day and you want to look your best through every ticking hour that will lead to the wedding night. Are we right, hmmm? Don't forfeit on an emergency kit, ever! 

Vogue Nippon,
March 2010

Let's Get To Shopping: The Best Colored Bags

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 Admin

Foraying into wearing brighter colors can be rather intimidating, and that accounts for every aspect in a wardrobe. For some girls it just comes naturally, for others it takes a coaxing period in order to warm up to wearing something other besides black, white or beige. An easy way to incorporate color into any look is by opting for bolder hued accessories, like our bags! Colored bags are not only vehicle for the color-shy, but have the propensity to add a fun and crisp element to a simple everyday look. Not to mention, a cheery shade just elevates the mood in general. So go ahead girls, it's time to step outside of the subdued monochromatic box and shop our favorite picks below!

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Harper's Bazaar
Australia, Dec 2013

7 Is A Charm For Kate Moss & Stella McCartney

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 Admin

Appearing for a whopping 7th time as the face of Stella McCartney, supermodel Kate Moss once again returns to the forefront of McCartney's Fall/Winter 2014 campaign. With her last campaign marked in 2009, Moss is styled by McCartney herself, highlighting the new Cavendish bag, posed against backdrops of glaciers and forests. Captured by photography duo Mert & Marcus, the entire shoot took place in, where else, London. 

Besides the images there is also a short film titled "Kate Dreams" accompanying the campaign, which you can watch right here on WWD

-Images: via
Fashion Gone Rogue

Yasmin Sewell Designs Capsule Collection For Barneys

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 Admin

Street style icon and fashion consult extraordinaire, Yasmin Sewell, has designed a 18-piece capsule collection for luxury department store, Barneys. Without a firm date of release set yet, the collection is reportedly launching within the next coming weeks featuring separates, dresses and knitwear among others. "I had to think global. It had to be wearable enough, elegant enough, commercial enough - but also each piece had to be the kind of item you know you''ll want to hang on to forever. I kept all the silhouettes pretty sophisticated, but really pushed on fabric, color and of course quality, which wasn't an issue at Barneys. The collection is produced by one of the best makers in Italy." says Sewell of the collection. 

Stay tuned for further developments.

About Tomboy Style & How To Pull It Off

Tuesday, July 29, 2014 Admin

Tomboy style is a term of endearment to describe a girl who has a knack for wearing Menswear staples. If you've been hesitant towards diving into the recurring runway trend made wearable and possible for real life, have no fear because there are very simple ways to wear it without looking like a dude. In fact, we've heard it on one or more occasions that most females are not necessarily receptive to the very cool uptown look because of the inherent factor they may project an unflattering image to the general public. The key to make the "tomboy" look work for any girl is by simply adding one female ingredient into the overall outfit. Don't believe us? Keep on scrolling through the following images to take a cue from these ladies who work the tomboy style to its fullest style potential!

Outfit 1: Boyfriend jeans, chambray button-down, leather jacket & a statement necklace. What stands out about this outfit is that the entire silhouette is target towards the oversized side as opposed to fitting, yet the boyfriend jeans & statement necklace is what gives this look a feminine flair;
Outfit 2: Tailored trousers, colored leather jacket & oxfords. While the overall theme here definitely is inspired by a take-from-the-boys approach, the wine-colored jacket gives the look a softer touch;
Outfit 3: Denim on denim is hot this year, regardless of what structure. This model off-duty opted for the full-on blues look in different washes, and added the block-heeled sandals to balance out the masculine basis;
Outfit 4: Distressed boyfriend jeans, cardigan and baseball cap. This girl added a very playful feel to her tomboy inspired look by opting for various accessories in girly designs on top of the open-toe heeled sandals;
Outfit 5: Sneakers, leather jacket, skinny jeans. Her uber-cool girl look has not only a slight Menswear vibe, it also channels a sense of urban sport. What makes this look is her choice of fitting skinny jeans and Isabel Marant sneakers;
Outfit 6: Distressed boyfriend jeans and boyfriend coat. This entire outfit has the perfect "boyfriend" feel to it, and she was able to achieve great balance by opting for the design in rather modern cuts and current trends, then styled in a pair of strappy sandals to go along;
Outfit 7: Joan Smalls definitely knows how to keep her girly side even when carrying a masculine influence through her seams. While the leather baseball cap and knit sweater screams dude, her choice in mini skirt and booties were an excellent healthy addition;
Outfit 8: Oversized turtleneck, leather joggers and slip-on sneakers. This entire outfit was a tricky one but this girl knew to find a happy medium between both the feminine and masculine side by equally dividing the proportions between the 3 main components she choose to wear. Especially the leather joggers is the height of this look. 

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-Images: via
Google &
Langley Fox Hemmingway
for Harper's Bazaar China,
July 2014

1 Incredibly Effortless Hairstyle To Try This Summer

Tuesday, July 29, 2014 Admin

Wet hairstyles have been trotting about the catwalks for many of the previous runway seasons, but with the unveiling of the 2014 collections it became a unanimous conclusion that the "straight out of the shower" do would go mainstream. The wet look, or "gym sleek" as it has been dubbed by certain fashion publications, appeared in various iterations throughout the weeks as runway season chugged along, whether the style was sleek and tightly structured or rather relaxed, all interpretations had one ultimate goal; a high definition of sheen. Getting the mermaid chic hairdo is not as simple as oversleeping, jumping in the shower real quick and running out of the door with hair undone and half wet. Nope, it still takes a little effort on our part to recreate but yet is one of the most effortless and simplest styles you'd want to wear this Summer. And here's how you can achieve the 3 most popular takes on the gym sleek look:

1. Straight back and structured: Once hair is wet, saturate your locks with a pomade mixed in with a little mousse. Slick hair back on the top and sides as desired, fasten the parts with hair clips. Diffuse hair until it's completely dry and spray a dry conditioner spray all over for added shine. Finish with a strong hold hairspray to keep it in place;

2. The Cool Girl look: After hair is thoroughly wet, saturate your locks with a pomade mixed in with a little mousse. Slick hair back or to the side, however you want it to sit. Run and squeeze your fingers through the top of the head to get a more natural texture and finish. Spray a dry conditioner spray all over for added shine. Finish with a strong hold hairspray to keep it in place;

3. Drenched & relaxed: Drench hair from root to end with water, saturate entire mane with once again a mix of pomade with mousse. Rough dry with a diffuser while keeping hair close to the scalp. Start sweeping hair the way you'd prefer it to be, then spray with a strong hold hairspray. 

Would you ever try this hairstyle? 

Grazia Italy, June 2014

Elle Italy, July 2014

Glamour Germany, July 2014

Elle Ukraine

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