11 Cozy Turtleneck Sweaters For Fall & Winter

What? You seriously didn't think we were going to neglect the classic turtleneck this last quarter of the year, right? No matter how "blah" the knit may appear, there's pretty much nothing better than being able to stylishly pull-off this sometimes volatile garment. And wearing one may not be so difficult as we tend to make it - the sweater is comfortable, cold weather-friendly, casual to formal viable, not to mention just plain effortlessly cool. Pairing your turtleneck with the rest of your wardrobe can be simplified into either styling it on its own with skinny jeans, layered underneath an oversized knit or underneath jackets, etc. There are tons of ways for you to get optimal use out of the turtleneck.

We've gathered 11 cozy turtlenecks for you to see how updated exactly the classic item has become. Let us know, what would you style a turtleneck with?

Zara - Ribbed sweater 

Equipment - Oscar cashmere turtleneck sweater 

Donna Karan - Turtleneck tunic 

Splendid - Wicker Park Cable Stripe Sweater 

Michael Kors - Ruffle-Front Wool Turtleneck 



Tory Burch - Gretchen turtleneck 

Diane von Furstenberg - Ahiga Loose-Turtleneck Cashmere Sweater 


Townsen - 'Ciao' Sweater 

13 Habits Of Real Girls Who Have Flawless Skin

More oft than not, models and celebs are the sole subject of envy and admiration when it comes to having the best skin in the world. For those of us not to blessed in this particular department, we are left to stew and wallow in our own pity over their poreless perfection. It's simply not fair and we may just hate you ... okay, just a little bit. What ensues from us mere mortals desiring to have that flawless model complexion comes an endless and never-ending crusade following every tip or trick possible that promises those exact results. Usually to no avail. However, we can't help but wonder what the REAL girls with great skin have to say about the subject. Which is why we have turned to the only girl in the office who really has some of the most flawless skin we have ever seen, our very own editor-in-chief, TC. She is here today to dish out her daily skincare habits and secrets, keep reading to see what they are! 

1. Take days off
Most women could not imagine leaving the house without a drop of makeup on - for me, having days off are the ones I relish in the most because it gives me an opportunity to give my skin a break completely from makeup so it can start restoring itself as well as breathe without any gunk festering in my pores. If I do find myself having to go out for errands I will not even so much as touch concealer, instead I heavily focus on hydration and moisturizing so my skin still appears supple and nourished without a trace of makeup; 

2. Embrace your skincare routine
On some evenings I cannot fathom having to spend a good 30 minutes in the bathroom gearing up for bed, or spend a good 10 in the morning solely focusing on prepping my skin properly. That being said, I will never skip a single step in my routine because each step to me is purposeful and feels important to maintaining a healthy complexion balance. I also like to take my time and really work product into my skin. So don't feel like it's a duty or a daily nuisance, crank up some music and embrace it;

3. Don't pick or pop
Never once in my growing up, as a teen or as an adult have I ever picked or popped a zit/pimple on my face, which I think has been a major contributing factor in essentially having clear skin because there is no scars or dark spots from having such a habit. As annoying or embarrassing as it is to have a zit, especially as an adult, let it run its course and it will pay off in the end, just trust me;

4. Limit sun exposure
Each Summer I most likely look like the oddest creature ever rocking a slightly tanned body but a very pale face. And that's totally okay with me. I make it a point to limit any type of sun exposure since I have seen the damage it can bestow on skin firsthand. I also never leave the house without any SPF regardless, it's a very important step in my morning routine;

5. Drink lots of water
While there's no concrete proof that water banishes wrinkles or prevents them from showing up, I have noticed that ever since I started consuming water regularly that it has made a big difference in how my complexion appears in terms of hydration and looking revitalized;

6. Surprise your skin
Even when I find holy grail products, I have a tendency to switch up products frequently to avoid the adjustment stage our skins develop. Over time your skin becomes immune to the proprieties and ingredients of using a singular product because we simply get used to it. The latter meaning that we no longer reap the full benefits of those products. I find it a proactive move to surprise my skin with new products regularly so it never gets to that adjustment period;

7. Take your vitamins
I like to take a multi-vitamin, fish oil and evening primrose oil once a day, all of which contain important skincare elements that could do anything from remedy common skin issues to help the aging process;

8. Slap some food on your face 
Honey, brown sugar, e.v.o.o., yogurt, coconut oil, peppermint, sea salt, etc. Whether it's an exfoliator or a mask, I use it all at least twice a week;

9. Eat right
Speaking of food. I find that what you put in your body is what you will reflect on the outside. As much as I can will I put fresh greens and fruits into my body because there's a significant difference when I neglect to do that. If I eat unhealthy for a couple of days with a lot of takeout food, my complexion starts to look very dull and tired. Fresh produce is packed full of vitamins and minerals that not just your body needs, but your skin as well in order to look healthy;

10. Use the right products
Knowing your skin and being able to identify an issue when it happens are two amazing benefactors in acquiring the correct products for your skin type. Using the wrong products can have a complete averse reaction in terms of attempting to fix an issue, but they will also not cater to your skin's needs meaning it just doesn't do anything;

11. Don't overdo it
There's a good way to cleansing skin, there's also a bad way to cleanse skin. Many tend to think that squeaky clean skin means good skin, that's not true. As a matter of fact, the harder you go on cleaning your skin, the more you're stripping it of its oils and protective barrier it needs to reject outside elements and free radicals. Be gentle, find a butter-zone to where it feels clean but not tight because you overdid it;

12. Exfoliate 
I get very excited when I get to exfoliate. Using my favorite concoction of brown sugar, honey and e.v.o.o., I go to work once a week scrubbing my face from the layer of dead skin cells and general junk that have accumulated over the last 7 days. Afterwards, my skin feels so refreshed and renewed, it really helps to get that luminous glow everyone always talks about;

13. Never confuse price with quality
My best kept secrets come from the drugstore;

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Is The New Coach Dakotah Fringed Shoulder Bag Set To Become The Next It-Bag?

The edgier look Stuart Vevers has been bestowing upon the Coach brand seems to be paying off and it might even catapult one of his Fall designs into certified It-bag status. That is if a percentage of the fashion crowd has anything to say about it. On more than one occasion did we spot the Dakotah Fringed Shoulder Bag during any given point on the streets outside of the runway show venues. One part Western influenced, one part urban exhibition as his chief inspirations, Vevers captures the mood with sumptuous leather, dominating fringe and subtle detailing - a formula aggressive enough to get the attention of a few style setters.

In the past, Coach has had many hits with limited misses, yet have never been able to solidify that It-bag status so many brands aim for when unveiling a new collection. The Borough bag was supposed to garner this proverbial merit badge, but despite that it received high-profiled attention that concluded models, one being Karlie Kloss, to celebrities and of course the general public, it was never quite able to land that coveted title. With Vevers' glacial paced progress to change the face of the brand entirely, the Dakotah bag may just be the jump-off to what the projected end result for the new era of Coach may be. Or at least, what it could hold.

What do you think about this bag? Does it have It-bag potential?

7 Foods That Will Boost Your Immune System

Recently we published an article outlining 10 things you can do in order to prevent exposure to cold germs as much as you can possible can. Prevention is one of the protagonists that combat you even so much as catching the common cold this flu season, although we can't promise anything. While frequent washing of the hands and keeping a safe distance between a coworker that's been sniffling are just some of the measures you can undertake, another leading factor to avoid sniffling and coughing yourself is by boosting your immune system from the inside out. We're talking about food. Not just any foods, power foods packed with vitamins and minerals that fuel and strengthen your immune system to prevent flu, common cold and more. Because sometimes an apple a day doesn't necessarily keep the doctor away! 

1. Garlic 
Fresh garlic is a potent remedy containing several antioxidants that acts as an agent against bacterial and viral invaders. Once you start experiencing the familiar cold symptoms, start incorporating fresh garlic into most your daily meals to help fight it off. We advocate eating fresh garlic all year long because it is really good for your blood circulation and heart health in general;

2. Citrus Fruits
Basically, any kind of fruit or vegetable that is packed with vitamin C. Studies do show that vitamin C does assist in fighting the common cold and shortening its reign, but it is not a short-term fix. Meaning, you can't start pumping yourself full of vitamin C once you already caught a cold because the element does not prevent a cold. A best bet being to make taking Vitamin C a daily habit all year round in order to build up a stronger immune system that will decrease the risks of you getting a cold or flu in the end;

3. Acai Berries
The dark little berry is pumped full of antioxidants that may help your body fight off traces of illness, not to mention can help fight the aging process. Acai berries are perfect to eat mixed with a granola cereal when dried, or when blended in a yummy smoothie;

4. Almonds 
Did you know the aftermath of stress can weaken the immune system? Any source of Vitamin E boosts the immune system and can eliminate the effects of stress. Take a handful of almonds every day for the recommended daily amount of vitamin E and riboflavin to help your body calm down from the frustrating emotion;

5. Green & Black Tea
Not a food, nonetheless still an important source of vitamin and mineral to incorporate into your daily regiment in order to battle against the cold and flu season. Both tea varieties are loaded with antioxidants like flavonoids that search for cell damaging free radicals and destroy them before they attack your system. Caffeine functions the same if tea is not exactly your cup of tea; 

6. Spinach
Popeye had it right all along. Spinach is a super food packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and is overall very rich in nutrients that fends off free radicals and assists your body in producing new cells. Consider spinach your ultimate "you shall not pass" benefactor;

7. Cabbage
Ewww, nobody likes cabbage, but sneaking it into soups or stews can promote your immune health with natural glutamine and other antioxidants. Cabbage strengthens your immune system, but is overall very good for your health. Plus, it's one of the most inexpensive seasonal vegetables to buy this time of year.

Legendary Fashion Designer, Oscar de la Renta, Passes Away At 82

The "Sultan of Suave", legendary fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, who has dressed every first lady since Jackie Kennedy, has passed away at age 82 on Monday. His wife, Annette de la Renta, confirmed his passing, as well as the cause which reportedly came the from complications of cancer, an illness he has been battling since 2006. 

Fashion lost one of its living legends, the last of the true couturiers. A gentleman. Today's forecast is rainy, cloudy and gray - even Mother Nature is mourning. 

You will be missed.