Remembering the Sultan Of Suave: Oscar De La Renta's Most Memorable Quotes

One of a kind. Unique. Creative. Powerful. Intelligent. Just a small unveiling of how one could describe the legendary Oscar de la Renta. He celebrated the woman, dressed her, inspired her, and an inspiration he was. In honor of his memory, we're taking a look at some of his most memorable quotes that have graced women in confidence for years past, and most certainly for years to come.

"My job as a designer, is to make a woman feel her very best."

"The greatest thing about fashion is that it always moves forward."

"Walk like you have three men walking behind you."

"Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable. Style is more about being yourself."

"I hate pretty. It's a very empty word. It gives a bad name to beauty."

"I don't really know how to do casual clothes."

"The qualities I most admire in women are confidence and kindness."

"Every season I'm inspired by women."

"There's always an emotional element to anything that you make."

Take The Guesswork Out Of Nail Art With The Dior Nail Artistry Kit

Love the nail art trend this season but don't have the expert skills to execute any of your favorite ideas? Don't worry, we don't possess the skills nor the patience, and since getting our nails done is too expensive of a hobby, a viable solution needs to come into place. While browsing Nordstrom, surprise, our beauty editor stumbled upon this neat nail artistry kit by Dior. Included in the kit is a limited edition selection nail decorations, a Chrome lacquer, a gel coat and proper tools. Oh, and did we mention it also includes a set of Swarovski crystals? How's that for a fitting runway look? Retailing for $60, we think this is the PERFECT alternative to a professional manicure while jumping aboard the nail art trend this season. Aside from that, this may just be a great gift for the beauty maven in your life this coming holiday season!

Not Just For The Runways: Here's How To Wear Over-The-Knee Boots In Real Life

Blessed be those who have mile-long legs, have model on their resume and are able to flawlessly pull-off wearing over-the-knee boots. We envy you. It's no foreign concept that everything looks better in magazines, on the runways and even on mannequins, leaving us mere mortals left to debate and ponder how we can look like a million bucks following suit with a popular boot trend. Because let's be real, there's a VERY fine line between mimicking a runway favorite, and looking like you deserved a role on Pretty Woman. #realtalk. Over-the-knee boots are meant to make a statement, you can wear them various ways like with a mini skirt, a mini dress, you can ever pair them over skinny jeans - that being said, real life adaption is a little bit more complicated than just simply throwing them on. But just because they're a style challenge, doesn't mean we shy away from them. Oh no, darling. 

There's plenty of real-life interpretations floating around out there. And since we're suffering from a serious over-the-knee boot fever over here, we pulled together the best examples to give you a boost into stepping up your boot game, and to get you started on shopping for your pair!

Image: Style du Monde 

Miroslava Duma

Image: Pinterest

Chanel Iman

Image: A Love is Blind 

Sasha Luss

Image: Pinterest 

Image: Pinterest

Miranda Kerr

Image: Popsugar 

Image: Pinterest

Image: Caroline's Mode 

Image: Fab Fashion Fix 

Image: Pinterest

Olivia Palermo

Image: Pinterest

Anna Selezneva

Image: Popsugar

Chiara Ferragni

Image: Pinterest

Emmanuelle Alt

Image: Caroline's Mode

Image: Popsugar

Chrissy Teigen

Image: Tuula Vintage 

Jessica Stein

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12 Retail Hacks You Need To Know About

We love hacks. It's the sheer principle of making life a whole lot more simplified that truly makes it worth while to study up on small tips and bits to become more educated in multiple facets of the everyday. One of the main things we love is deciphering retail and adapting the outcome to our own shopping habits. Most of us here started their professional careers at the lowest of the totem pole in retail, as we advanced in the field, the more knowledgeable we became on marketing strategies, purchase incentives, etc. In all honest truth, retail can be quite cold and calculated when it comes to the bottom-line. 

Today we're sharing 12 retail hacks you should definitely keep in mind this upcoming shopping season, not only to ensure you get the best deals, but that you don't get duped by some of the most common retail monopoly moves.

1. Say no to "rewards program" cards
Commonly when a department store asks if you want to apply for their in-house rewards program card, kindly decline and move along. Yes, that "if you spend this many $$, you get this many $$ in return. You just earned back this whole shopping trip!" sounds absolutely amazing, but don't fall for it. Any retail credit card carry some of the highest interest rates known to man, with some ranking in well over 25%. In the end, whatever you will spend on the rewards card will ultimately translate more into interest than it will principal amount;

2. Say no to the debit variety, as well
Ahh sneaky, sneaky! One of our editors declined a "rewards program" that was a credit card, however upon her declining the sales person turned around and offered it in debit form instead. This may even be worse than a store credit card, because you can tank money right into this store debit account from your initial checking account and just keep spending because you know the money is there. Be smart, say no to both;

3. Watch out for the better by comparison tactic 
Retailers have quite a few tactics up their sleeves in order to drive traffic and sales, one of them being the "better by comparison" strategy. Stores will put two of the exact same-looking items right next alongside each other, but one item is priced at the high point of the scale, the other at the low point of the scale. If two items look alike exactly, which would you buy? The lower priced version, right? That is a term called "anchoring", and it is the oldest and best-working tricks in the book. If one item looks better in comparison price-wise, those lower-priced items will sell like hotcakes, raking in the profits for the retailer. It's the power of suggestion, and even the best of us often fall for it;

4. Utilize the wish list option
Many bigger department stores have the wish list option on their websites, and we have come to learn that having an active wish list going sometimes gets you some amazing deals. Whenever an item on your list gets a discount or goes on sale all-together, you automatically get notified if you opt in for such. So when those $200 boots finally go on sale for $129.99, you can track which nearest location has them in stock and purchase yourself that covet you've been drooling over for way less. Essentially, you will instantly know when an item goes on sale. Win!

5. Never shop on season
Possibly the worst kind of pain you can inflict onto your bank account is shopping for seasonal items while it's that season. During Summer, any type of Summer item, like flip flops or bathing suits, are at their peak prices. During Fall and Winter, the same applies. Best bet in order to save some kind of dough would be to shop for a season at least 1 season prior to that;

6. Pay for in cash
There are two reasons why we solely pay for everything in cash. Unless it's a really big purchase but that happens once in a very blue moon. 1) If you only carry cash, it means you have a budget. When having a budget you tend to shop smarter because you have to stay within limits and make the most of the dollars you have, you resist the urge of swiping plastic every time and racking up a considerable amount of debt. 2) Have you not been keeping track of the all the retail chains and department stores getting hacked? Ever since the "hacking" concept became a reality for the world many, many years ago (talking over 10+), we started solely paying for everything in cash. From the grocery store to getting gas, it's the only way we shop ever;

7. Research coupons and store discounts
Before you frequent your favorite haunts, study up on the interwebs first to find potential deals or coupon codes these stores may have going. You'll actually be very surprised what you'll find;

8. A sale doesn't always mean a sale
Don't necessarily always believe a sale is a sale because this falls under the "power of suggestion" trick as well. Some stores always have clearance or sales going, stating on the price tag that this specific item originally cost this much, but with us you can get it for this less. Ready to be shocked? That item never sold for the original price to begin with. It's a legal smoke screen to drive sales, you think you're getting a good deal but really you're not, which in exchange you will buy more in the end since you're under that impression;

9. This goes without saying, but shopping the mall is more expensive
For those of you who don't know about this yet, shopping the mall is about 10 times more expensive than shopping individual stores. Why? Because retailers have to rent a space within said mall, renting a space comes at premium. Than you have to factor in everything that it takes to operate said store; hardware, electricity, etc., on top of the applied cost of the product you want to purchase, and voila! The mall is expensive because bottom line is, the retailer has to make a profit in the end;

10. Compare prices
Sometimes you will spot the same item at about 3-4 different stores, and if you really want it, then it all comes down to chasing the deal. If you have on the spot internet on your mobile device, start researching to see who is selling it for less. But beware, some of these stores may have a hidden coupon somewhere so it really comes down to how shopping and internet savvy you are;

11. Beware of sales people and representatives
Sales people are the worst - however, it's their job and you can't really get mad at them for having to try. A lot of these employees work on a commission basis and have to reach a monthly quota, so there is a form of pressure on these workers. Just be nice and don't humor them, if you're not interested just keep walking because some sales people are very obvious and will irritate you til no end, others are so persuasive that they can talk you out of a significant amount of money. Either way, keep walking unless you need some kind of help.

Product vendors are brand representatives. They work for a specific brand or label, this is more so common in the beauty departments, and usually are disguised as store workers. There are no real telltale signs to identify a brand representative, but if you've worked retail before you just know automatically. But there is a difference between a sales person and a brand representative: Often times brand representatives are not subtle at all and will push for one specific brand only without giving you any other options or constructive suggestions. A sales person will give you multiple alternatives which if they are educated on its store brands can give you some amazing constructive suggestions. Without pushing one brand only. Just beware next time you're trying to find a new holy grail lipstick and someone approaches you, they may only be there to drive sales for their own toko;

12. If you must swipe, swipe with credit
Not all of us will always have the cash to pay for our purchases, so if you must swipe a card somewhere, swipe with credit. Most bankers will offer some kind of protection plan of the sort if something unfortunate does happen due to a system hack, and usually the damage will only be to your credit account. If you swipe with debit, a hacker can completely empty your checking account, as well as your savings that may be attached to it. Just an FYI if you have a tendency to use plastic everywhere.

Coach Channels Snoopy With Latest Collaboration

Wow! How is this for nostalgia? In a brand new collection launched on, the old Peanuts gang begets a chic fashion makeover as a first in a series of limited edition projects championed by Coach. Embossed on an array light handbags and other luxurious goods, this exclusive offering is another passion project from creative director Stuart Vevers, who is very much responsible for the dramatic and drastic changes that have been taking place for the American heritage brand over the past year. 

Officially available today on, in-stores November 1, Charles M. Schulz's classic creations inspired Vevers to conjure up this fun concept that showcases a more relaxed side to brand. Vevers noted that he keeps an image of Snoopy in the studio. "Peanuts and Snoopy were a rite of passage for a generation and continue to be so emotive. I was intrigued by the idea of taking that image and playfulness but subverting it."

What do you think about this new collaboration?