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Trend Report: Bright As The Sun

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Spring's color obsession! Everywhere we look it seems that everyone goes sunny side up for the season. Causing a color craze every year, the vibrant hue is the solid tone answer to the seasonal floral print favorite to instantly brighten up a look. With its electrifying effect, any shade of yellow is the perfect way to add a little bit of sunshine to the everyday. As bold as the overall color may come across, don't fear the hot hue just because it may resemble Big Bird a little bit too much. Because of its offerings in multiple variations, yellow comes in anything from mustard and citrus, to pastel and neon, meaning it has an option for every girl out there looking to upgrade their wardrobe with the leading trend.

The easiest and most stylish way to work in the color? Pair one yellow element with all neutral or other subdued tones for that pop. Or when wanting to inject a little bit of sunshine with daring prints, bring out the same shade in your printed garment of desire. However for those very hesitant to this lively of a color, ease yourself into it by foraying with either an accessory, or even nail polish. 

Don't shy away from the cheery palette, pack a punch in your outfits by enriching your closet with the season's best picks!

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The Best Nail Polish Colors For Spring

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We don't know about you, but after this extended of a Winter, and now a somewhat somber beginning to Spring, we're craving color like never before. Whether it applies to our closets or makeup, we're especially craving some nicely colored digits with the most stellar shades of Spring. Brightening up our fingers are some of the best colors to date found on the saturated market, and we've narrowed them down to our top 13 favorites right here!

Do you have any recommendations for shades we should add to our collections? Share them with us in the comments!

Read more about Spring and Summer 2014 nail trends right here!

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Style Decoder: Mixing Prints

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We reported a while ago that mixing prints would be a trend to watch, but if you've never been a big fan of the contrast game, maybe this street style celeb look might change your mind. Dianna Argon was spotted out and about in this cool girl look. From the jacket to her shoes, each projects its very own eclectic element that delivers on print and color. Naturally, we had to recreate this look for a light Spring embracing, and graphically inclined, must-have outfit.

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1. Ella Moss | Zan jacquard jacket $258
2. IIIBeCa by Joy Gryson | studded Church Street envelope bag $188
3. Beach Riot | The Victoria Revo sunglasses $144
4. Zara | printed dress $59.90
5. Steve Madden | Raspy platform bootie $139.95 

-Image: via
PopSugar Fashion

35 Fashion Hacks To Know Now

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We're all bound to have a mishap or two in our lives, okay ... maybe more. At some point we're bound to buy shoes that fit too tight, or soil our favorite shirt, or fall victim to those super annoying deodorant stains. The latter which we all have to deal with frequently. To remedy the mishaps and to make daily life easier, we compiled the following guide that narrows it down to the most common woes all women have to go through on a daily basis. Without further ado, here are the most stylish solutions and best fashion shortcuts every girl should know!

We're always looking to learn, share your secrets or hacks with us in the comments!

1. White rubber soles on sneakers are awesome, except for when they become dirty. A quick fix to whiten them back up is by taking a clean cloth and spraying 409 on it. Gently start cleaning the soles until dirt stains are gone and soles are white again;

2. Rings gotten too big or accidentally bought the wrong size? Take an old ring that fits and that you never wear anymore, take any industrial quality tape and wind at least twice around the old ring and layer underneath the ring that's too big. Judge to see if it needs more tape in order to stay on; 

3. White wine removes red wine stains;

4. Take a black sharpie to cover scuffs on black heels;

5. When a button pops off your favorite pants, take an elastic band to tie a knot where the button used to be through the button hole to fasten them. Don't forget to wear a long a shirt to cover that up;

6. Nothing is worse than wearing a new top only to have the arm pits stained in deodorant gunk. Before throwing the top into the wash, take a clean dryer sheet and carefully rub the affected areas until the stains disappear. After a normal wash cycle those pit stains will be gone;

7. When out of nipple tape, use regular band aids. It hurts a little upon removal but does the job; 

8. Any Angora items you may own will shed. Stop the shedding by stuffing each individual item into a ziplock bag and stash them in the freezer for at least 3 hours; 

9. Avoid stretching out or making the fabric weak around the neck area of a shirt by sliding the hanger from the bottom upwards, as opposed to directly sticking the hanger through the neck hole;

10. A good hair straightener will iron just about anything;

11. Avoid runs or holes in tights by spraying them with a sticky hairspray;

12. Use stale bread to remove dirt from suede shoes. Take a stale piece of bread and remove the crust, with the edge of the crust very gently start rubbing the stains until they're gone;

13. Use a pumice stone to de-fuzz clothes;

14. Dry hand-washed clothes with a salad spinner;

15. Break in your new shoes by wearing them with socks and blowing a blow dryer on them turned to the highest setting;

16. Clean or restore shine to patent leather shoes by spraying them with Windex;

17. Canvas or leather bag affected by the outside elements? Take 2 very fine fiber car washing cloths, like the ones you'd use to not scratch the paint, and dampen one. Take the dampened cloth and VERY gently wipe the surface, then take the dry cloth and do the same. If needed, use a leather spray to restore shine;

18. Use shaving cream to remove bronzer from your shirt collars;

19. Fix scratches in your leather by rubbing a small amount of moisturizer on the scratch using a q-tip until the scratch is gone;

20. Break in your leather jacket by getting it wet in the rain;

21. Fantastik shines up diamonds;

22. Keep dark wash jeans in tact when washing by adding 1/2 cup of white distilled vinegar to the cycle;

23. Rub a graphite pencil tip on zipper teeth to get them unstuck;

24. Baby powder removes oil stains;

25. If the waist of a pair of pants fits around your neck, it will fit you. Although, we don't know how this method will fly if you pull pants over your head in a crowded store ...

26. Use hairspray to remove lipstick stains;

27. To remove water stains on leather shoes, grab a bowl of cold water and add a few drops of vinegar. Take a soft bristle brush and gently scrub the stains until they're gone;

28. Shirt shrunk? This will only work if the fabric stretches. When wet out of the wash, take each shoulder of the shirt into each hand and place your feet directly where your hands are at the bottom of the shirt. Start pulling with your hands upwards to elongate the shirt. Don't forget to do it in the center where the neck hole is as well. Repeat the steps until desired length;

29. Make an old coat look instantly new by changing out the hardware or adding a belt to it;

30. Never dry shoes that got wet with heat, it's better to let them air-dry since heating them will cut their lifespan in half;

31. Don't have money to get items tailored? Use a hot glue gun to hem skirts and pants;

32. When loose threads are taking over your garments, use a lighter to burn them off as opposed to pulling them off. Just use the lighter with caution ...

33. To keep tops from losing their shape or stretching out the shoulder and neck areas, instead of hanging tops to air dry after a wash, lay them flat on an even surface to dry;

34. Bobby pins are amazing in general, they're even better for fastening an item that has a button missing;

35. Remove odor from jeans without washing them by storing them in the freezer; 

-Image: Calvin Klein
Collection SS14, backstage
by Vogue

Trend Report: Modern Art

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Fashion and art teaming up is nothing new, and the runways have been a testament to how truly ingenious and fabulous such a combination can be. Emerging once again during SS14 was the concept of Modern Art, noted as one of Spring's major trends. What was exposed was art taken on in the literal sense, one component being the "splatter paint" print, others consisted of cubist sketches, street art, graffiti and more unique uses of bold primary colors and prints. 

To make our point that unearthing every aspect of the arts is a hot commodity this Spring, and certainly serves for statement purposes, we've rounded up this palette mix of selected runway looks, and of course pieces for you to shop right now!

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-Images: Celine SS14,
Prada SS14, Versace SS14
Chanel SS14
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